How To Fix Canon Printer Offline Mode On Windows 10?

Posted by Johnny on December 21, 2017

Is your Canon machine offline? There could be several reasons behind this problem. In this blog, you will learn troubleshooting steps to make it online in Windows 10. In most cases, this issue is due to network or USB cable connectivity problem, paper jam, out of paper, any other printer hardware faults and sometimes printer driver corruption too.

In spite of blaming the machine, you should look forward to solve this error. I’m sure you don’t want to pay a hefty amount without any major reason. So, let’s move forward toward its solution.

Follow The Given Steps:

  • Make sure that the connection between your computer and the printing machine is correct.
  • If it is connected through the wired network, check whether your printing machine is well connected to the Ethernet port. A malfunctioned network cable may also cause your Canon offline in Windows 10.
  • If the printer connected to the computer is via wireless network, you could verify that the machine is still connected to the network.

Adjust Software Settings:

  • Turn off your printing machine and after waiting for 5 minutes turn it on again
  • Press the Windows + I key altogether to open Settings and select Devices
  • Now, move to Devices and printers option
  • Make a right-click on the icon with a green check-mark and select See what’s printing.
  • Note: If you don’t see the green check mark but the grey icon is visible, just right-click the icon and select Set as Default Printer. Then make a right-click on it and select See what’s printing.

  • Select the option of Printer and then uncheck the option Pause printing and Use Printer Offline.

Renew The Printer Driver To Resolve The Offline Problem In Windows 10

  • The problem of offline machine may be because of the corrupt or outdated driver. To fix this problem update all drivers for your computer.
  • After updating the drivers, update the computer

Your problem of the offline message has been resolved now. Hope this small guide was helpful to fix the offline problem of your machine. We can help you in installing and configuring the printer software on your computer. Also, all kinds of connectivity, paper jams, fuzzy quality print issues are solved by our technicians. Customers can reach us at anytime by dialing our toll-free Canon Printer Support Canada Number +1-844-478-5758. To get rid of every issue of printing machine, contact us as soon as possible and avail our best services at your fingertips.

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